She may only be 19 years old, but singer-songwriter HAZ is an old hand at creating songs. Creating music and lyrics since she was young, it has only been in the past two years that the London-born and bred artist has taken her potential that bit more seriously, enlisting producers Jo Pereira and Aron Wyme (who has worked with the likes of Map and LÉON) to help her bring them to life.

Penned when she was 16, her new single “Dumb Fake Love” is not shy of detailing the angst and near-inevitable heartbreak that comes with budding first romances. “At this age, relationships don't mean as much as you want them to, so you end up with someone who messes you about,” HAZ shares.

“Don’t you know how you’ve affected me?” intones HAZ in the opening line of the song, her rich and soulful voice both longingly vulnerable and defiantly self-assured in her stance on the dalliances of infatuation. Refrained in the verses yet unleashed on the chorus, “Dumb Fake Love” is potent and anthemic pop, and a perfect introduction to an exciting new talent.

“The video for ‘Dumb Fake Love’ was filmed all over Peckham where I grew up,” shares HAZ of the visuals for her new release. “The locations are all places you’ll see me chilling in on a night out, and obviously I wanted all my friends to be in it.

“It’s seeing me in my natural habitat, around the people I love; it shows the real me”.

“Dumb Fake Love” is available now via 37 Adventures. Follow HAZ on Facebook.