GLASLYN is the new collaborative project formed of Al Lewis and sound artist Kayla Painter. It sees them each bring their own unique skillsets together in brilliant form, where Lewis' vocals hover precariously over Painter's expertly-manipulated soundscapes that cooly glisten and form the deep underbelly of the song.

The track opens with Lewis asking coyly "Share with me your deepest desires", laying the groundwork for the darker elements that float through the track's delicate, Thom Yorke-esque melodies.

"Out Of My Control" ultimately explores the unnerving experience of feeling that things are spiralling out of control with Lewis explaining in his own words that "'Out of My Control' is a song that lyrically speaks of that fear we have, that in life, sometimes events/other people can take over and you feel as if you have no say whatsoever in how your life is shaping out in front of you, no matter how much you fight against it."

Fear plays a big part of the track, especially seen in the way it is laced with sci-fi inspired interferences, but at its heart it is a charming slice of dreamy pop with a hook that will weave its way into your subconscious and remain.

"Out of My Control" will be available everywhere on 15 June via Don't Say Records.