Having not long released her second album Mia Gargaret in 2020, Gia Margaret could be forgiven for taking it easy into the new year. Not so, it seems; why rest on your laurels when you’re aching to have your music heard? After all, the tumult of yesteryear ground a halt to every artist's touring dreams.

Written in 2018 and returning to the song during quarantine, “Solid Heart” sees Margaret step back from the shimmering keys of her most recent album and dip her toes back into the sleepier sound of her debut collection There’s Always Glimmer. More traditionally straightforward in structure, Margaret’s hushed and intimate vocal leads the track down a slumberly juncture, sparse percussion interjecting lap steel and punctuated with clear keys. It is the audible equivalent of cosying up to a fire on a chilly winter’s day.

“I just felt like sharing a song. I've been missing the spontaneity of releasing music on a whim, I suppose,” explains Margaret of her decision to drop the track. “During these slow winter months and after such a slow (and rough) year for everyone-- I thought it would give me (and maybe you) something nice to start 2021 with. It is my offering.

“It also feels like a misfit (production wise) in a body of newer songs and especially with the direction I'm moving into,” she continues. “That's not to say there might not be another version on a record at some point. I just decided this deserves it's own celebration.”

"Solid Heart" is available now. Follow Gia Margaret on Instagram.