“Owing” is just shy of five minutes of intense technical rhythmic undulations, with a chameleon pace and instrumentation that dips and rises with colourful sophistication. Vocally as ceremonious and ethereal as Foals’ Yannis Philippakis, singer and guitarist Kieran Godfrey delivers his lyrics with a shamanic and echoey depth, sustained at times by harmonious vocal accompaniment and exhalations. The shuffling percussions sound performed on a variety of natural objects, feeling very organic and setting the tone for each nuance, while the throbbing bassline and rich samples fill the track with oblique syncopations parallel to those of Brontide.

All across the track, the guitar - distant and trilling - approaches with clanging and strummed force, and majestically places itself as a phantasmal monolith inside the incredible creation.

Lilac Lane EP is out on 13 October via Melodic Records.