Elina has an impressive ability to write songs that embody a cinematic quality that is full of nostalgia and captures the magic of carefree moments when the world just seems to make sense. With a sense of effortless melody that seems to just flow out on command, "Here With Me" is ultimately a simple ode that reminds us all to live in the beauty of the moment and make sure we are always present with what is actually going on without us.

It inhabits the same unfussy set-up that made "Wild Enough" so immediately gratifying, simply utilising a piano and her voice, where gimicks and over-production are completely unnecessary and instead your attention is drawn solely to Elina's words and fragile, octave-leaping vocals.

In her own words, she describes the song as being a reminder to not dwell on the past or worry about the future - the important stuff is happening right now. "I really wanted to write a song that is for living in the moment that's here." She explains, continuing "It feels like too many people are either thinking of the past or what will happen later, or something miles away from you. If it reminds anybody to think about what you have around you and cherish it, then it's really done what I hoped."

"Here With Me" is out now.