Released via producer and songwriter Kwes' (Solange, Loyle Carner, Damon Albarn) label Bokkle, Elan Tamara's ethnomusicology schooling at SOAS shines dazzlingly through her new track “My Eyes”. Initially, Tamara's voice shares the spotlight with cavorting, anticipatory keys: no surprise coming from a musician who's played keyboards for Toro y Moi and Tirzah, amongst others.

The track's composed inception holds the fort until skittering drums stagger through, blossoming into layers of stunningly innovative instrumentals, with Georgia contributing to some of the standout percussion elements.

Tamara's musical education and rich range of experience as a musician is embodied on “My Eyes”, and in her own words, she's “musically inspired by Afro Cuban music, Steve Reich, Brian Wilson and Balinese gamelan."

The track was influenced by “the highs and lows of a long distance relationship”, as well as something we can all relate to at the moment on a deep level: “not being able to spend time with loved ones.”

“My Eyes” is out now via Bokkle. Find Elan Tamara on Instagram.