Cat Princess are on the way to releasing their debut album Forbidden Items, and now they’re back with a new single. “Silver Socks” is probably the closest they’ll get to writing an ‘anthem’ - it’s all supple groove and lounge lizard charm, sounding a little like Joy Division learned to dance in places.

Singer Nils Krång’s stern ‘dictator at the karaoke bar’ persona rides the waves of its rhythm like a surfboard, and steers it into its epic “Take me to the river” chorus.

“In essence the song is about the feeling of meeting that one person who kind of soars above it all and who brings you with them on the journey,” Cat Princess say, “someone with the alien ability to make you not give a shit about worldly things.

“We wanted to match that theme in the energy and the melodies of the song. We want the listener to leave the ground with us. We all dig late 70s Bryan Ferry and also wanted to capture his luxurious sound in some way, but make it a bit dirtier and Cat Princess-esque. The result was ‘Silver Socks’".

“Silver Socks” is out on March 26, and Forbidden Items is out 17 May on Rama Lama Records. Find Cat Princess on Facebook.