Brent Faiyaz is far more than a solo artist: his sonorous vocals, with their capacity for luxury on the hook of Goldlink’s “Crew”, peaking at 45 on the Hot 100 Chart, and vulnerability, has led to him lending his talents to multiple endeavours. Earlier this year, his group Sonder (consisting of Faiyaz and Soulection-affiliate producers Dpat & Atu) released a seven-song project, Into, which is in every bit melodic as “Fuck The World”, riding out R&B grooves.

His material as a solo artist, group member and feature artist has earned him a bouquet of compliments, from the likes of Stormzy, Kehlani, Kylie Jenner and Dua Lipa – to name but a few.

Over a doleful, a cappella backing vocal, Brent Faiyaz’ vocals stand sharp and resonant against a simple background. Interestingly, he plays with pitch, intermittently lowering his verses to match the mournful instrumental. “Fuck The World” is a downtempo track, capturing perfectly a sense of disconnect the artist feels when on the precipice of a breakthrough.

“Fuck The World” is available now via Lost Kids. Follow Brent Faiyaz on Instagram.