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Buzzing New York polymath binki proves his acclaim on “Revolve”

30 June 2021, 10:06 | Written by Hannah Browne

Riding the wave of energy that drove his recent single “Clay Pigeon”, binki’s return with “Revolve” finds him in a new artistic gear.

In his short career to date, binki has become synonymous with gritty, punkish energy. A second-generation Kenyan immigrant born in Pennsylvania, he became drawn to a career in music upon graduating from university and moving to New York City. Quickly turning heads with singles like “Heybb!”, binki has been commended for his novel fusion of sophisticated pop, brattish indie, grungy rap, and the majority in between.

Layered in an eclectic mix of high-octane percussion and zapping basslines, where spoken-word vocal combines with spitting flows, “Revolve” presents binki at his gritty and cocksure best. With unabating pace and sonic unpredictability, there’s an itchiness that defines the single as he weaves around the beat and intertwines the best parts of its homogenous genres. Now living in the hub of the East-Coast, the urgency and bustle of the city rushes through his music like a surging undercurrent.

Produced by Justin and Jeremiah Raisen (Yves Tumor, Charli XCX), “Revolve” exudes dynamic originality that forges the sound of a warped collaboration between Tyler, The Creator, Slowthai and King Krule, whilst binki’s free-flowing lyricism provides the foundation for weighty introspection.

“Revolve came together really quickly,” binki tells Best Fit, “It’s the first song I wrote and recorded in the same day. I didn’t feel rushed though it just was like okay let me not get in my own way.

"I’m really happy with how it came out," he adds. "It sounds like the biggest departure from my other stuff sonically. It was also the first song I finished for the EP. So, it also feels like the hypothesis in a lot of ways.”

Establishing himself for the release of his new EP, Motor Function - due to release on 13 August via Fader Label - binki’s tracks are steeped in a palpable sense of kinetic and emotional weight. “For me, this song is about magnetism. Opposites attract and all that, but also the opposite is true. For better or worse. What pulls us together and what pushes us apart? I tend to see things more clearly after the fact”

Speaking on the EP, binki continues “My first songs were based in reality, but it was really me fantasizing, for the most part, about what love could be. Now, I’m facing reality and it's just more nuanced. It feels more honest.”

“Revolve” is out now, with the new EP Motor Function set for release on 13 August. Find binki on Instagram.
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