Her third release "Outsiders" riffs on similar ground to Alessia Cara’s “Here”, championing the merits of introspection against a generational and societal backdrop that’s all about the party. “No one should feel pressured to act differently to please what other people find desirable," the Antigua-based singer tells Best Fit.

"I’m not going to lie and say that’s easy to defy, because it can be scary to be yourself - especially with how judgmental this place can be. ‘Outsiders', to me, is about accepting that I’m not the type of person that fits in well. I like hiding in my comfort zone, and I rather stay and watch a rom-com at home than go to a party.

"Mostly around people my age, I find it hard to interact without turning into an awkward potato.”

Ibiza-born, Au/Ra is still in her mid-teens and grew up watching her parents make music. She got inspired in her tweens by other kids uploading videos of themselves singing to YouTube. It was, in fact, her dad who inspired the Pink Floyd-lift on the chorus of “Outsiders”: “My dad’s a big Pink Floyd fan,” she says, “and always played ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ around the house, so I grew up listening to them quite often.

"The song’s bold defiance was the icing on the cake that I needed for ‘Outsiders’, and because it’s such an iconic song by such an iconic band, I really hope that I used it in the right way.”