Greetings and salutations, welcome to the August 2011 edition of The Line Of Best Fit podcast. Like the recent British weather, this edition is split personality in nature; from the thunderous cacophonous downpour of Iceage and Thee Ludds to the hotter than hell sun-kissed grooves of Azari & III and blissful tones of Seapony and Fear Of Men. Forty minutes of some of the most diverse and exciting new music we can get our grubby mitts on all wrapped up and presented by the delectable Emily Mules.

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Seapony – Where We Go
Thee Ludds – Parabolic Reflector
Cur$es – Dark Night
Fear of Men - Ritual Confession
Remember Remember - John Candy
Iceage – White Rune
Widowspeak – Harsh Realm
Azari & III – Manic
Laura Marling – Sophia

The Line Of Best Fit Podcast by The Line Of Best Fit

As ever, special thanks to Emily Mules and all of the artists, labels and press agents that make this show possible.