Welcome to the new edition of the Best Fit Podcast; a bite sized portion of what’s been rattling around our consciousness for the past few weeks and indeed, a cursory look towards the month ahead – all tied together by the delectable Emily Mules.

Forty minutes of some of the best new music we could get our hands on, including new material from Manchester quartet PINS (pictured), Swedish newcomers Amason, the return of Frankie Rose and a delightful cut from Alma Elste.

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1. Alma Elste – Virtualism
2. Sundara Karma - Freshbloom
3. Akiine - Sunglassey
4. Amason - Went to War
5. PINS - Get With Me
6. Indians - Magic Kids (Rumpistol remix)
7. Seoul - Stay With Us
8. Frankie Rose - Sorrow
9. Touching Voids - Untied
10. Orange Gold Red - Figure Eights
11. Cool Ghouls - Natural Life