An openly lesbian singer, songwriter, director, and witch, ZOLITA's musical identity has been constantly developing since first EP Immaculate Conception, whilst always preserving a sensuous uniqueness. In "Truth Tea," the artist sharpens her unmistakably glistening sounds with a dark edge, revealing her flexibility as a lyricist and composer.

Turning anguish and grief into sultry verses through a captivating pop melody with R&B hues, the track is an empowering celebration of independence and perseverance after a painful break-up. Stemming from heartache and betrayal, "Truth Tea" is pungent in its sincerity.

"I hope you get the help you need," whispers Zolita throughout the audaciously honest song. Confident, sassy, and bitter, the artist does not shy away from revealing her true self in her music, both lyrically and melodically. "Truth Tea” is bound to become a queer heartbreak anthem.

"Truth Tea" is out now.