The unsigned Lily is currently flourishing as an independent artist and while "More" is deceptively simple, a melancholy folk-tinged chorus reveals growth as she tells a tale of self-confidence and self-worth. It's another fine example in how restraint and pace are so essential to pop.

"I wrote it about a guy I met a while ago who left the impression of being the super cool kid everyone admired and wanted to be like," Lily tells us. "When I got to know him closer I realised that he was struggling a lot to keep up with the image he created himself and actually felt very worthless and empty. In his own way he kept letting me down because he wasn’t able to let me in.”

Lily was raised between London and the southern French village of Les Mayons by her live music agent father and her mother, a former Parisian fashion designer. Her first steps into music began at age 13 when she began playing piano; four years later she found herself drawn to her father’s guitar, the same instrument which she still writes with today.