"Luci" is, of course, short for Lucifer. It's a track that sets to carve ZAND a niche as a badder bitch than Beelzebub himself – and it certainly makes its mark. This sonic headfuck of thrilling intensity and epic proportions rears its ugly head with each taught crunch and grind.

It's six months since we last heard from ZAND, who dropped standalone single "BOYS LIKE U" back in March. With this devilish new release, ZAND leans even further into the aggressive, confrontational, and downright repulsive trains of thought and sonic effects of its predecessor.

With its grinding introductory synths lurching into life like The Weeknd on a bad trip, tinkling horror-movie glockenspiel, and what sounds like a bunch of zombie cheerleaders on backing vox, "Luci" isn't going to be to everyone's taste. It is, however, a distillation of the give-no-fucks attitude that marks ZAND out as a force to reckon with in the alternative pop field: a firecracker personality with tunes to match.

"Luci" is available to listen on SoundCloud now.