Jäger's home country of Sweden experienced unprecedented forest fires back in summer. As she often does, Yaeger took inspiration from her surroundings when penning “I Need a:” in the midst of the nation's reaction to the alarming events.

The Swedish singer/songwriter grew up around the breathtaking nature of the Stockholm's archipelago, and was aware that her home was as vulnerable as anywhere else, and questioned her lifestyle choices.

The contagious synth bounces and dancehall-tinged drum pattern provided by the production of Mona Khoshoi and Kerstin Ljungström brings back that uplifting and dance-worthy savoir faire we found on “Dopamine High”. However, by addressing the most burning (literally) issue of our time, Yaeger showcases essential lyrical versatility.

Jäger explains, “People are tired of reading about the environment going to hell, because we have a big appetite and we want to be fed, not questioned, we were raised to want more.”

In the pre-chorus, the 20-year-old sings, “I consume, and put up a fire,” decidedly forging a link to consumption habits. “I'm not looking to change anyone, I’m just acknowledging that I'm no different to other consumers, but questioning why," she says.

Explaining the new offering in more detail on Facebook, Yaeger writes, "Even though the Swedish fires didn't harm any friends or relatives of mine (thank god), you could still feel it in the air. So we took a piece of that weird, outlandish, and almost remorse atmosphere that surrounded us at the time, and created this."

In what is her first ever music video, directed with Agnes Maltesdotter (her cousin), Yaeger takes us on an emotional ride. It's one where we dance our worries away and admire the peaceful scenery of the archipelago, while it’s still here…

"I need a:" is out on 16th November. Find Yaeger on Facebook.