The moniker for singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chase Walsh, Walsh found refuge in making music while still in high school. A coping mechanism for his struggles with anxiety and depression, Walsh's bedroom set-up became a place where he could forget the world around him and focus on his greatest creative love. He picked up the guitar at age 5 and by 13 was self-taught on the drums, piano, bass and violin having already produced an album's worth of material at home.

His debut EP Chase's Hands dropped earlier this year and offers some insight into this rising artist's process. With the release of this pair of new tracks, Walsh opens the window into his world even wider, sharing more than ever through his well-wrought lyrics.

Explaining how music works has become like a form of therapy, Walsh says "I write songs for people who are still figuring out life, relationships, and their own happiness. I use my music as a tool to figure all this shit out and I find it cathartic that so many people who listen to my music relate to the things I am feeling. It’s like we get to figure it all out together. Music is the only way I can get some of the negative thoughts out of my head.”

Stay tuned for more from Worry Club as they continue to explore the catharsis making music provides while refining their twisted brand of indie-pop.

Japanese / A Whole Month Of You is out now. Follow Worry Club on Instagram.