The first half of the track is like a warped and electrified Beatles track, as Theo Spark and Jamie She duet over a over a fierce guitar riff washed with distortion, building to a chugging chorus that is bound to stay in your head.

WOOZE are great at morphing their tracks effortlessly, and "Ladies Who Lunch With Me" is no different. Just before the halfway mark the glistening synths roll in to flip the track into a wholesome disco-pop track that sounds as if ABBA and The Lemon Twigs had a party.

"Ladies Who Lunch With Me" is only the third single from the duo, after "Party Without Ya" and "Hello Can You Go".

WOOZE's infectious new track is out now via Young Poet Records. The pair play The Great Escape First Fifty at London's Curtain Hotel on 27 November. Find out more.