Winnie Raeder invites us to take a moment to ourselves on her new track “A Quiet Way”, letting muted pianos and enchanting synthesised vocals swell a tide of emotion, reminiscent of James Blake’s The Colour in Anything.

Raeder sings about accepting an everlasting love you have for someone, even when the relationship comes to an end. The deep thoughtfulness that Raeder’s arrangement uproots in us is given context when she delicately remarks, “I’ll love you just the same today”.

“Everything comes and goes in life, but it doesn’t always have to end in a sour way,” Winnie Raeder tells Best Fit. “Sometimes it just ends. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the love for this thing or person does. So, the idea of loving someone in a quiet way is really to not use that love for anything other than having it, and keeping it with you as you go on in life.”

The Denmark native but London-based singer songwriter is developing a signature moving sound, following her equally enchanting track “Baby”. With a headline show at London’s Waiting Room on 15 September, the future is bright for Winnie Raeder.

“A Quiet Way” is out now. Find Winnie Raeder on Instagram.