Now the London/Brighton four-piece have revealed their most grunge-tinged outing to date, utilising a knack for catchy, fun-fuelled pop-punk while drawing on influences such as Pixies to hone their sound away from the typical ska-lead feel and into a revved-up, infectious new style. Recording in California with Larry Crane (The Shins) and Jon Berry (Weezer) has clearly brought this out in WATP; an exciting development for the tireless band.

A bending, crunching guitar riff dominates proceedings and provides the earworm centrepiece for this latest cut, while an effortless, languid vocal rolls through, building up to the joyous final stages.

Complete with Libertines-nodding, bluesy punctuation and an intricate, ecstatic, backing-vocal-filled middle eight, it’s a track that puts the quartet in the mix as a UK guitar band that deserve more ears.

“I don’t mind wasting time if it’s with you”, Will pines. There’s no wasting time when it comes to Will and the People; stream this brilliant new single below ahead of the band's album release this summer.