"Good Friend" ties together a mix of barbaric drums, roaring riffs and beautifully unhinged vocals from frontwoman Sonia Sturino which are beautifully unhinged.

Fuelled with ferocity and melancholy, the upbeat tempo adds a sense of urgency as the rumbling riffs engage with the blistering beat, which will leave your head-rattling from their powerful delivery.

Speaking about the story behind their latest offering. Sturino explains, "“Good friend" is actually about something pretty dark, a few years ago our home town music community was pretty shook after the passing of a friend of ours from addiction. It's really weird now to picture that person in rooms and places that you know you'll never see them in again, and the feeling that you could have done more at the time to help. I'm a pretty introverted person, but I'm trying to be better about reaching out to friends and making time for them especially when they're going through something heavy. This song is essentially about doing exactly that."

"Good Friend" arrives with news of their forthcoming debut Common Blah, which will feature previous singles "Peel", "Blue Again" and their J Mascis feature "Hate Mail".

Weakened Friends new track "Good Friend" is available now. Common Blah drops via Don Giovanni Records on 19 October. They play a FREE show at London's Old Blue Last on November 2. Grab your complimentary tickets here.