You may want to keep a box of tissues nearby for this one; it's heavy on the emotion, and Luuk pulls no punches with thematic content. Unrelenting, unrequited passion, Mormonism, terminal illness, jail time and scorned lovers all feature in this classic American-style ballad, but speaking about the meaning, Luuk  simply explains that "you might think you can turn friendship into love, but you can't."

The instrumentation is basic, mostly just a solemn piano motif, faint strings and a hollow kick beat - though it's majestic in its own way - paving the way for Luuk to recant his heartbreaking tale. It's a brutally affecting biography of a man on his deathbed, wishing he'd been able to say things to his best friend before it was too late. Regret's not too commonly used in lyrical content, and its even rarer to see it achieved with such chilling aplomb.

"Did You Know I Was In Love With You" is out now via Emotion and available to purchase here.

The clip was filmed and directed by Kristian Bengtsson.

Watch below.