It sees frontwoman Julie HAWK buried to her neck in sand, singing as the rest of the band de-sand her. Shots of rolling waves and tranquil beaches are a nice contrast to the Southern Gothic-style sounds. Hawk's vocals are pained and powerful, and with Daughter-esque guitars flickering in the background, it becomes an angular track that prods at emotional pressure points.

Explaining the video, HAWK said:

"We shot the video with James Byrne (director) on Climping Beach (actually a nudist beach in the summer) on the south coast. We took the main concept of the song which was really about urgency and running out of time and tried to play around with that. So we settled on the idea of shooting a series of shots that we would reverse and would then look like we were digging Julie out of a hole in the ground and walking away. What this meant is that what we actually shot was us walking backwards towards a hole and burying Julie up to her neck in wet sand while she sang the song backwards. Loads of things worked out well that we had planned but the weather and rough sea meant that there were always a few images that move backwards as we’re pretending to go forwards which was a nice surprise."

The track is taken from HAWK's debut EP Clock Hands, which is released 23 February.

Watch "Clock Hands" below.