Formed just last year, the trio draw inspiration from a wide range of musical and literary incluences. Vocalist Pippa Sarratt draws on Austen and Brontë's influences in her stark lyricism, whilst she and her bandmates namecheck Kate Bush, Dawn Wall, and Brian Eno as sonic touchstones. Sarratt herself recently top-lined on "Spheres", from Med School producer Whiney's new album Waystone, her characterstic energy shining through whether working with her own band or further afield.

"Night Ritual" is a bracing introduction to VIOLETS: while the opening synths may hark to No Blues era Los Campesinos!, the chorus at its beating heart is heavier and darker. Sarratt's howling plea to "take me higher" sees the track open out with a huge, rolling bassline; leaning more pop whilst still maintaining overtones of crouching menace. The track came together in the short space of a single afternoon rehearsal, and VIOLETS efforts to maintain that dynamic, spotaneous energy have proved entirely successful.

"Night Ritual" is released via the band's own label, Make Your Own Records, and is out now.