Recalling early emo purveyors such as Rites of Spring, "Bottle Caps" develops the brand of evocative hardcore The New Tusk impressed so much with on 2016’s Sloom.

The urgency and rawness to the track is mirrored in the home-made video, showcasing their home city as well as featuring cameos from some familiar friends, including Gender Roles’ bassist Jared Tomkins.

Vocalist and guitarist Seb Gilmore says: "We named the song 'Bottle Caps' after a game we made up whilst recording in Leeds. We were drinking beer in town and were trying to frisbee the bottle caps into a bin. Some random guy joined and managed to get it in after like 5 tries. He was crazy stoked and wanted us to upload the video we got of it onto YouTube so he could show his family. He said he'd just been released from prison and he wanted to impress them. We Googled his name later on and decided not to upload the video. The song itself is completely irrelevant to that though, a lot less exciting."

"Bottle Caps" is the first single taken from the band’s debut album The Big Drag, which is going to be released through Hanger Records on 3 August.