"Do What You Want" is Taliwhoah's first outing since last year's Another Dimension debut LP, which cemented the London and LA artist's ability to create anthemic tracks with relatable lyrics and sensual, empowering songs.

New outing "Do What You Want" sees Taliwhoah looking to empower again, particularly women working as a sex performer, as she tantalises listeners with her smooth harmonies that bounce over a bed of twinkling synths.

Taliwhoah navigates the crisp, trap-infused beat (produced by R-Y and KChild) with ease while holding high notes gracefully against the fluttering instrumentation that imitates a rush of dopamine as she gushes over the beauty of a woman when she sings, "Somethin' in the way you make me feel / You are just a dream you can't be real."

""Do What You Want", for me personally, is a song about a beautiful woman I fell in love with while at a strip club; somewhat an ode to the performers of the adult industry," explains Taliwhoah. "Overall, it’s a song that I want all my listeners to feel super confident and sensual while listening to!"

Taliwhoah's "Do What You Want" single is out now via Canvas Music. Follow Taliwhoah on Instagram.