Reminiscent of some of ABBA's more low-key moments, new single "Doin' Time" sees Bergsman stacking a haze of laid-back vocals over a deliciously retro backdrop. It's a track as bright and clean as the primary colours for which the album it's taken from is named, its delightful simplicity bolstered by expertly applied string samples and playful synths.

As a whole, Yellow To Blue reflects Bergsman's life as a mother situated in balmy northern Los Angeles. Her unique voice as a songwriter harnesses the energies of a quiet surburban life, translating them into something engagingly familiar with effortless flair. This is reflected in the video for "Doin' Time", which tells a simple, classic story of youth set against this backdrop of quiet, almost mundane beauty.

"Doin' Time" is out now.