Burnout hit SUVI hard in the middle of her career. After a couple of blog hits in 2013 and 2014, writing sessions for her debut album eventually fell victim to overwork and the project went on ice for a while.

It’s only now that Suvi's album Mad At Heart is close to completion, with the first single “Come Out And Play” sneaking in at the end of 2018. Now she’s back with her latest track “Avion”, and it's hard to pin down where it fits – it's an unsettling track that mixes spectral, sprite-like melodies with heavy, pounding beats. That it works at all is a testimony to Suvi’s songwriting skill.

Suvi says about her upcoming album: “The feeling around all of this was very bluesy. A lot of feelings. So many stories, collaborations, relationships and places pop up. So many. At the same time, it feels almost like a dream from another time or another life. It feels quite unreal. Have we really done all this? Another feeling that pops up is thankfulness and love. For everyone involved that we have made this journey together. It’s [a journey] that has really formed me as a person”.

"Avion" is out now, and Mad At Heart is out on February 1 on Beatroot. Find Suvi on Instagram.