As you can see, they've also made a ridiculous/brilliant/genius clip for lead single "They Do Move In Herds". As well as Jurassic Park's inimitable theme song, Strong Asian Mothers provide edits of music from Hook, E.T., and Star Wars.

In a statement about the mind-melting, grin-inducing release, the trio write:

"This is our homage to John Williams, the greatest film composer of this age. This is our homage to Steven Spielberg and the other great action/sci-fi /fantasy directors of history. This is our homage to cinematic adventures. We grew up with these films, they shaped who we are and are part of what drive us to create epic cinematic music. We thought we'd honour them by remixing the films and scores into a complete frenzy. It was also very fun to do.

"(Disclaimer: We don't have the rights to any of these samples and did this purely for the love of the source material, as such we are not profiting from any of this music.)

​"In a manic state of random madness Amar [Chadha-Patel] decided to remix the Jurassic Park theme tune a couple years ago for a laugh. It turned into a bit of a banger and became a staple part of our live set. It has always received loads of love and we felt it was time we gave it out to the world. Then
we came up with the name EP Phone Home and realised it was the best EP name ever so we had to do four more remixes to justify using it. We grew up with John Williams' scores on pretty much every great film we ever watched​. He has a way of conjuring pure nostalgia in you and writing the catchiest melodies around making these themes​ instant classics. ​We thought it would be interesting to take those epic scores and cinematic moments, and twist and distort them to fit an energetic, and electronic style of music. Also, it was really, really fun to do."

Check out the full EP below and download it for free from Bandcamp.

Strong Asian Mothers have original tunes too, and they're really very good. Here's some of them.