Sticking with long-time Singing Adams member Michael Wood, who shifts from bass to keyboards, Adams recruited Absentee’s Laurie Earle and Daniel Fordham and David Stewart of The Drink to give shape to his latest set of occasionally wry and increasingly angry observations on the state of our dis-United Kingdom.

"I found myself writing about that feeling you get when you’ve just woken up and seen what the idiots have done overnight. Like a lot of people, I’m angry and confused about some of the mean, spiteful, cowardly things being said and done in the name of patriotism and cultural identity and economic prosperity. Some of these things can be defused by calling them out, by singing about them, and by laughing at them.”

The new group really lock in to the motorik groove of new single “Ex Future”, before giving way to the kind of stomping chorus that Adams has always done so well. “It’s obvious that it’s about a society being driven off a cliff isn’t it?” Adams suggests, as well as pointing to some dialogue from Mike Leigh’s Naked that go some way to explain where the track is coming from: “…the character Johnny is talking to Brian, a security guard: “Has nobody not told you, Brian, that you've got this kind of gleeful preoccupation with the future? I wouldn't even mind, but you don't even have a f*cking future. I don't have a future. Nobody has a future. The party's over. Take a look around you, man. It's all breaking up.”

The video was created by Tom Crawford, and features a host of google-eyed monsters gyrating over a series of abandoned homes and industrial complexes.

Steven Adams & The French Drops will be playing a host of shows across the UK in May, check here for upcoming dates.