Sofia Monroy was born in Mexico and moved to Stockholm as a very young child where her first steps into music began when she got the finals of Swedish Idol all the way back in 2015. Her first proper pop offering glimmers with a recognisable Scandinavian pop flavour where flashes of euphoria are to be found amongst the whirlwind of pop hooks that rattle by at an exhilirating pace.

Yet, despite it’s glossy exterior, the song still carries an important message for Monroy as she explains: "'Cautious' deals with the subject of.self doubt, never being enough and, frankly, feeling like shit. We need to create a world where talking about mental illness is not taboo. We need to be cautious with each other."

"Cautious" is ultimately a non-stop journey through perfectly-polished pop that sees Monroy find her sound and mark out her lofty intentions, and if this track is anything to go by, we may have a very exciting new talent in our midst.

"Cautious" is out now and available to listen to on Spotify.