A slick slow-jam tailor-made for 2017, it’s the second single from her upcoming LP, following the fierce track “$”.

De la Torre perfectly illustrates the devoted delusion of unrequited love, desperate to see her ex-lover whatever the cost: “I’m not even mad you came wearing her. ‘Cause views of you, views of you is all I want”. Sultry, determined vocals give way to a sugar-coated chorus, mirroring the crumbling of her resolve as she returns to her former flame. Powerless to resist, even these invitations to see her come with the self-doubting caveat “If you want”.

Velvety smooth, Bennett and de la Torre’s vocals entwine in a his-and-hers romantic struggle. At the centre of this lyrical tug of war is Bennett’s verse, a gruff apology that adds realism to the heartbreak. As the refrain kicks in, the beat intensifies and layer upon layer of soulful voices bring “Views of You” to a close.

With the bar set this high, de la Torre’s growing popularity looks sure to boom this year when she self-releases her LP on #POPDONERIGHT.

"Views of You" is out now.