SKIA lays out the value of friendship on her new cut “Pocket”: another undeniably upbeat, sugary-sweet slice of pop. Like her previous releases “IDWTAI” and her Paul McCartney collab “Anyone”, to name just a couple of her pop bangers, SKIA's new track is packed out with shiny guitar chords and punchy percussion.

Discussing the track's origins, SKIA explained: “I wrote this song when my friend Nina went back to Munich earlier in the year after having a rough time, and I became worried she wasn’t going to come back to Liverpool again. We’ve both made a life in a new country, and the feeling of not knowing where we belong creeps up from time to time.

“‘Pocket’ is essentially a song about friendship, and about working through your problems together instead of fleeing from them”.

“Pocket” is out via Heist or Hit. Find SKIA on Instagram.