Sirens Of Lesbos are made up of sons and daughters of political refugees and freedom fighters.

After being unsatisfied with their previous direction, Sirens Of Lesbos took time away after a 2015 gig in Athens to try and find their true path.

Having reworked their sound, Sirens Of Lesbos take a more natural direction on their new track, connecting with wooden flutes, a funky bassline, and harmonious vocals that ring soulfully along the head bopping beat.

"We'll Be Fine" is the first track to be revealed since Sirens Of Lesbos have taken a new musical direction, and coincides with the launch of their self-titled label.

Having refreshed their sound, Sirens Of Lesbos have found authentic aspiration and the right path to travel down to pursue their politically charged music.

"We'll Be Fine" is more of a statement of intent, and is out now, alongside the launch of the Sirens Of Lesbos label. Find their Twitter.