Shy Girls (real name Dan Vidmar) has been around for some years now, steadily building a name for himself as a talented bedroom producer. Back in 2013 Vidmar featured on Cyril Hahn’s track “Perfect Form”, and it became apparent that Hahn and Vidmar’s music had a lot in common; glassy-smooth pop tracks with production highly influenced by both dance and R&B. Vidmar’s tracks, however, have a certain intimacy about them that is often lacking amongst his peers. Whilst “Say You Will” is - undeniably - meticulously crafted and brimming with varied sonic texture, it somehow retains the air of a whisper between confidantes.

"This was actually one of the first songs written and recorded for the album,” Vidmar explains of the track. “On the surface it’s about empty promises and the erosion of love. But really it’s also about my struggle to forgive."

Much like like “Say You Will”, the rest of Shy Girls’ forthcoming debut album tackles ambiguity and millennial ennui with a deft hand. Salt is a marriage of lyrical nostalgia and complex emotion with post-recession tech aptitude, throughout which the magnetic intimacy of Vidmar’s vocals never wavers.

Salt is out 27 January via Hit City USA.