​The Nottingham-based pair are working their way up to a debut album. In the meantime, the boys are releasing A-side single, “Serenity”, as a free download. The B-Side, “Cut Me Loose”, deserves equal attention, though.

Throughout the track the instrumentation is softly textured, including pebble-like percussions and woozing synths projected over a rich bass line. Paced to an RnB slow shuffle, the dozed vocals and guttural oohs haunt the track with numbing placidity and colourfully descriptive lyricism.

Shelter Point said: “‘Cut Me Loose’ basically portrays when love and lust cause a sense of claustrophobia you want to get away from but you can’t. Like a reptile trapped in a cage.”

“Serenity”/“Cut Me Loose” are set for release on 6 October via Space + Time Records.