Crystallised shards of sugary electronics splinter into a pulsing patchwork of brassy tones as the accompanying visuals follow the artist through the concrete jungle - her solitary figure dappled in the artificial glow of streetlights and passing vehicles.

Sharky’s vocals are distinctive and delicately poised, floating over a rich tapestry of scattered finger clicks and funk-filled guitar melodies. Yearning for intimacy and physical contact, “the beginning of ‘Touch’ celebrates the highs of love from the start,” as Sharky explains.

“The second half is about encouraging the drive to fight for love as it progresses. There are intentional sharp changes, chucking you in and out of the different moods."

“Touch” is out now alongside Sharky’s debut EP Fruit on ETLW Records. She plays 11 September at The Victoria. Find Sharky on Facebook.