Beginning as a lo-fi duo of 18-year-olds Sachi DiSerafino and Arthur Shea, Joy Again swiftly became a full band project Sean Henry (23), Blaise O’Brien (16), and Logan Burke (17). Hailing from the corners of Pennsylvania (plus The Big Apple), the five-piece make exciting music - and Las Vegas native Shamir knows it.

Now managing the outfit, Shamir says that they are: “extremely aware of the world around them, dangerously smart and super mature without leaving behind that playfulness that a lot of people lose once they start to enter adult life.” 

The first taste of Joy Again is the peppy "Looking Out For You", which sounds like a shimmering cross between The Strokes and Mac DeMarco, with banjos, fluttering chords, and lots of bouncy hooks.

The "Looking Out For You"/"How You Feel" AA-side is being released on limited edition 7" on 15 January 2016 by Lucky Number.

Stream the lead cut below.