Having first met at Goldsmiths, Lucy and Luke have crept through the crevices of London's DIY arts scene, working on numerous projects together before landing on the winning formula that comes in the form of Scrounge.

"Etch" comes as the pair's first single with Fierce Panda, highlighting a step forward for the genre-defying duo. Lucy's drawling vocal delivery cuts like a knife whilst the hypnotic, ghostly bassline and Luke's drumming drive forward with an intriguing intent that demands your attention at all times.

But it's the explosive middle section that will really grab you as it suddenly shimmers outwards with a deafening glare, bursting out of nowhere and serving to hit all the senses with a razor-sharp focus. It marks Scrounge's place as a meteoric rising force who are able to intrigue, shock and utterly enthrall.

"Etch" will be available everywhere on 12 October via Fierce Panda and you can catch Scrounge live at The Lexington on 24 October or The Social on 29 November.