The new single is a tale comprising one of cricket's fastest ever bowlers and his inability to remember his identification for a night out. The all-female group recall the juvenile humour of punk-rock luminaries Eddy Current Suppression Ring, melded with the intensity and angst-driven spirit of hardcore punks Minor Threat and Operation Ivy.

Walls of razor-sharp guitars combine with steadfast bass, hovering above swift and ferocious drums that are capped off by the unapologetically abrasive vocals of front woman Siobhan Poynton.

Poynton says the song draws inspiration from a shift worked at the beloved Sydney live music haunt, World Bar. Cricketer Lee was intrigued at what lay beyond the doors of the iconic establishment, however was denied entry by Poynton herself, after he was not able to produce the required I.D. to enter. A nothing story at the core, but a candid brush with Australian sporting royalty all the same.

Ironically, Brett Lee can rest easy that he won’t have any troubles re-entering again. Last week, the venue of eighteen years shut its doors for good, due to the decline in trade stemmed from the controversial lock-out laws the city has experienced since 2014; a move the trio are enthused detractors of.

Currently touring with garage-punk crowd favourites, SKEGGS, the group have fast risen to prominence within the Australian DIY rock scene via a slew of critically-praised singles and a consistent live schedule, which has included support to local punk mainstays The Smith Street Band and Frenzal Rhomb.

The group will independently release their sophomore EP in 2019. Find SCABZ on Facebook.