On the surface a more carefree and lighthearted tune than her previous couple of wistful offerings, "Skin Deep" does bear some similarities in the depth you sense lurking beneath the shimmering of its inviting, dream pop exterior. Sasha delivers lines like "I'm gonna lose my head, even if it takes all night" with such steely determination that it suggests mere cheery abandon might not be the sole purpose of the evening's revelry.

About the track, Sasha says:

"Skin Deep is about about using partying and flings to get over a situation or another person, a lust for something emotionless and uncomplicated. I wanted the track to be a lot more fun and upbeat than anything I've released so far, maybe showing quite a different style to my writing but with the same personal sentiment. I produced it again with my friend, Scott Colcombe."

Sasha plays London's Servant Jazz Quarters on 28th November.