Moving further away from the rougher aesthetic they exhibited with their first release, it sees the band expressing a more prominent element of pop, and coming out all the better for it.

Partly comprised of the now-defunct Hungry Kids Of Hungary, Sans Parents tap into the same sort of pop influences that the likes of contemporaries such as Miike Snow find so enthralling. Theirs is a sound full of seduction and intrigue, a vivid affair which presents pop exactly as it should be: with excitement and allure. "Can’t Stop Moving" is the perfect next step for the band, encompassing not only their strengths thus far, but expanding to produce something quite special.

From vocalist/guitarist Alex Bennison’s vocals to the punchy power-pop instrumentals, everything here works because, as stated above, the band grasp the essentials of their sound so well. Alike the brighter moments of Porches’ excellent Slow Dance In The Cosmos, it is a simply constructed, though perfectly executed, three-and-a-half minutes. Key to this is its chorus, which leaps from the speakers and gifts the song an extra helping of infectious energy. The title may hint to some sort of kinetic theme within the track, though to relay this to real time is another matter entirely, making its success here all the more applaudable.

Everything about "Can’t Stop Moving" is a real treat, and proves a timely reminder to just how much of a rush the slightest influence of pop, when performed this well, is capable of inducing. 

Listen below.