Holed up in The Laundry, an East London studio, Lindfors shut out the noise and chaos and set to writing and producing her brand of delicate and meticulous folk. Emerging now with her debut single “The Blazing Sun”, its clear that Lindfors has managed to find a sonic home for herself despite the overwhelming feeling of alienation in an overwhelming new place.

In the tradition of a travelling musician, Lindfors’ main aim was to give voice to her own internal landscape, chasing perfection as she sought to harness the abstract through her work. “The Blazing Sun” is a captivating introduction, in a similar vein to Lucy Rose or to early Laura Marling, but set apart by the spacious melancholy that’s all its own.

Of the writing and production process, Lindfors is unabashedly nostalgic. ““I became obsessed with the Yamaha CS-80 synth,” she admits. “It reminded me of long drives in my father’s car as a kid... I got hooked on those sounds.”

“The Blazing Sun” is out 3 March.