"Icy Blue Coral" has a cold bassline, adding an ominous touch to the high-pitched melody that squeaks and warps like a dolphin calling out for its pack in the vast depths of the blue.

The dizzying amount of layers is expertly timed, with each burst of electronica shooting through the stratosphere with a warming presence, indirectly linked to each other, yet surprisingly fitting.

Squeaking delicately and overtly in simultaneous fashion "Icy Blue Coral" is a complete juxtaposition of warming sounds surrounded by a cold, yet elegant environment.

Speaking about her new offering, RRUCCULLA explains, “This song produces a feeling of dizziness, as if I was dragged by the sea current with a break in the waves every eight bars. There are human voices that feel like ocean waves. If you listen to this track with headphones at a loud volume or with bass-heavy speakers, your mind will become full icy blue and you'll be in the ocean having fun with nice multi-coloured fish and being tickled by shiny orange seaweed.”

"Icy Blue Coral" is a plunge into the depths of the ocean as the colourful soundscape translates as a personality of a marine animal, unpredictably darting between quick movements and elongated notes that all contribute to the bustling life under the waves.

You can almost hear the predators lurking underneath the warming warps. As the track builds to its final euphoric breakdown, you can hear the urgency of the beat propelling the smaller fish as they find safety from the predatory bass.

"Icy Blue Coral" is available now. The track will feature on RRUCCULLA's forthcoming album SHo͝oSH is released on 30 October via BIIPBIIP Records. Follow RRUCCULLA on Facebook.