Cardiff-hailing group, Rosehip Teahouse, reassure you that you are not alone with their delicate new single “Regretting it”.

Formed originally by Faye Rogers in 2015, Rosehip Teahouse’s Bandcamp-as-diary style has proved to be a comforting companion, her confessions warm and familiar like a sip of tea. Her voice curls around her band’s pensively strummed guitars like wisteria, feather-light and just beyond our reach.

With only a smattering of singles and EPs, Rosehip Teahouse appear and then retire into a kind of shimmering mist – visible, and yet somehow still not quite known. Rogers’ honesty is arresting: she makes you feel that you know secrets meant to stay between the covers of a diary, and yet you come away still wondering.

She says, speaking on the forerunning tack for Rosehip Teahouse’s upcoming EP, “‘Regretting It’ is a song I wrote last year when I was feeling totally overwhelmed. I struggle with understanding and coping with my emotions at the best of times, and I was making decisions that I knew were bad for me and trying not to sink under the weight of it all.”

“I don’t know if I’ll be alright when things go back to normal and I’m alone again”, she croons, her voice always on the verge of floating away, both melodic and uncontrolled. Even though it was written a year ago, it resonates more than ever with the knot of anxiety the concept of ‘normal’ brings in lockdown.

She expands: “I found myself dwelling on a lot of this stuff over the lockdown as all the empty time allows a lot of room for overthinking and it felt like the right time to record it. Now it’s out of my system I feel a lot better and can kind of laugh about it a bit. I’ve never clapped on a song before and the synth solo brings me a lot of joy that breaks up the sadness behind it all.’

Rosehip Teahouse embrace the light and the shade – and they do it best through honesty.

“Regretting It” is out now via Sad Club Records. Follow Rosehip Teahouse on Instagram.