“Tortugas” quickly evolves from its '00s indie rock opening into a complex and ambitious pop tune, channeling the likes of Everything Everything and Phoenix. Keys begin to shift unexpectedly and guitars flicker and twinkle, whilst frontman T.C. Tyge’s versatile vocals ascend and descend like a roller-coaster, gliding and twisting through the verses. This is all underpinned by a driven drum pattern, pushing the track along at breakneck speed to its dramatic climax.

“Everybody has some problem, some terribly flavored pathology to their life that they’ve never quite been able to shake,” say the band. “Whether it’s addiction, anxiety, heartbreak, chronic jealousy, loneliness. ‘Tortugas’ isn’t so much about what the issue is as much as how tenacious it can be. These troubles will always be watching from a distance, creeping slowly toward you.”

“Tortugas” is out today. Find Roofers Union on Facebook.