Delicate and wholesome at the same time, Helen is a perfect balance of soothing vocals and infectious pop melodies.

New track "Chemistry" is a full-bodied offering that emits galactic synths to pave out the lustful track.

The skipping beat is playful, and adds a youthful naivety to the romance-led track.

Helen's delivery is heavenly, trailing through the scaling synths effortlessly which project a sense of purity and innocence, similar to that of Robyn or Christine and the Queens.

Speaking about her journey to find herself in the music industry, Helen explains, "Although I started writing music for other artists at the age of 14, I had to constantly deal with the media clichés telling me I couldn’t make it, because I didn’t have the so called pop image and body and that I should only stick to songwriting.That triggered a lot of anxiety during those years and even depression at some point because I constantly felt that I have to change who I am in order to be an artist and for my music to be appreciated."

"I almost gave up on the idea of having my own project, but the music kept coming, as a reminder that you can’t shut down something that’s part of you and needs to manifest. So I decided that in order to try and become something that I’m not, I should raise awareness and a voice in a post communist society, still learning to deal with diversity, acceptance and difference.”

Helen's single "Chemistry" is out now. Find Helen's Facebook.