Roken’s wistful vocals float effortlessly over jangly guitar tones as he sways slowly before a curtained backdrop on his new track. “I’m almost home” he murmurs, soaring through the night skies just before sunrise as his lover waits for him with open arms.

“The day ‘Redeye’ was written, I was kind of in a weird place and just felt really stuck,” Roken explains. “I was definitely flustered, constantly thinking about how I had to go straight to the airport after the session to catch a redeye flight home. I kept picturing myself on that flight, looking down over city lights in that total blackness of night and heading home to see the person I love so much.”

“It really is a song about feeling like you’re so close to that person, but still suspended in mid air. That feeling that you’re almost home, but not there yet.”

“Redeye” is out now. Find Roken on Instagram.