Bossé's empowering lyrics and suave vocals are guided by a pulsating kick that conjures impassioned marching. The lyrics allude to the French women's liberation movement and the writings of pioneer French feminist thinkers such as Benoite Groult and Simone de Beauvoir.

The sociology graduates are both outspoken advocates of gender equality, which has always been part of the RIVE identity. The electronic pop aesthetic of the chorus is more open to interpretation. However, the triggered vocal chops and soaring synths seem to mimic a call to action, capturing the reawakening of the movement.

The cause has reached a mainstream level of cultural relevance it hasn’t enjoyed in years, now a major object of cultural discourse — we can see RIVE’s lush textures and metaphors also conquer your heart.

“Filles” is out now via ART-I. RIVE’s debut LP Narcose arrives 1 March. Find RIVE on Facebook.