Settling in Zandvoort, a coastal town west of Amsterdam, the young Rimon was educated in the nearby town of Bloemendaal before dropping out of secondary school aged seventeen and establishing a creative partnership with Dutch producer Samuel Kareem. "I was smart, but the subject matters just didn’t interest me at all," she explained in a recent interview. "I had other things on my mind. I wanted to travel, meet my father and get to know myself better. So I dropped out of school in 2015, travelled, and later that year I started making music."

She describes the creative partnership with Kareem as free from pressure and boundaries: "He gave me the space and time to just was always just fun with tons of good vibes." Their first project turned into the insanely brilliant debut track “Grace” which was quickly followed up by the downbeat jam “Nightime” which dropped in late June.

"Realize" is the third track this year from the hyper-talented 21-year-old and she tells us that it's both a "closure and a new beginning."

“It symbolizes the vision we've had for years, but is now coming to fruition. It's a celebration, but also a look back at what we've been working on this past few years.“

The track’s affecting video collates home movie footage from the last few years of her life. "I wanted the video to be very organic, filled with the people that I love and work with," she explains.

“Realize” is the closing chapter of a trilogy of tracks leading up to the release of Rimon’s debut EP this November - we’re promised it’ll tell a a “cohesive, chronological story of love, heartbreak and growth.”